Sunday, July 23, 2017

That's Pharah (punishments III)

Kais, sister walked in on him in the nude, and started laughing." Looks like tracer haso been a bit of a naughty girl!". Kai got angry, but that quickly changed. His new cosplay was actually fair. He got to be pharah, one of overwatch's manly girls. There had to be a catch. "No catch" she paused "you've done well".

Lust, power, good, evil, 2

The TGPF needed balance after ian. So it found logan. Logan was a closet crossdresser, and loved xmen. Luckily for him he got a lifetime wish. He became an xmen. He was walking home one night when the pink ray hit him causing him to pass out. When he came too he was different. He was female, wearing a sexy latex vulvarine outfit, he also had sexy pumps. After he got up he stopped his life as logan, then she became lilly. "Rawr, here I come!"

The role exchanger III

"Well hello there,sexy!" That was what Cory heard after he was hit by the role exchanger. His body was swapped with a tyranny, and the only other changes was mental. He now was a whore, and loves only his roommate. Meaning he got Johnsome girlfriends mind set. But John swapped too he was now only into trannys. How lucky for john. Cory not so much. Or should I say cori. John then pinned corI too a wall then started touching his dick. All cori could do was cry and moan.

Great shift terry

Before the great shift, wealthy people were happy. Afterwards those who swapped were very angry and couldn't adjust. But terry li of "Li and sons Tech" was very happy. What made terry happy was his youth. Terry swapped with a cute 21 year old girl. Now every day since the shift he spends his days sleeping, and his evenings drinking.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Mark was mortified. He stood there posing in his cousinsleep room, smiling. He wasn't choosing too though, it was all his cousin April's doing.She made a bet with Mark on a futball gane, saying she'd give him 500 dollars if she lost, and if she won, Mark would be her doll. Long story short marks team lost. Now he has wear breast forms, dresses, ectopic for April whenever. But little does he know, Tomorrow he's gonna become a very rich mans, trophy wife.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Naughty bois

Meet Tony, Max, and ian, North highs biggest trouble makers. Or were, until there parents entered them into the "girlifiction, make your boys understand feelings better.
But when they came back a month latter, they understood, much more than feelings. They were all female except one tiny miniscule asset. Now Tina, Mary, and lacy, spend there time being good girls, except when you leave them alone, things get steamy when there alone.

You 'Maid' my day!

Sam stood still for a second. He really did it! He turned his sisters boyfriend Rob, into a maid. Hypnosis does the work of gods. "Rob?" Said sam. "Yes master?". "You are now rayan, my obedient, maid, understood master!". After that Rob started acting like he was always an obedient maid. Now two weeks later it's Sams turn for fun. "Oh rayan you sissy bitch" he said unzipping his pants shocking rayan. Then he started sucking master off. Like a good maid should.